Convair F-106 Delta Dart
Designed and Built by
Dan Savage

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This model was my entry in the E Zone's 2002 Electric Jet Design Contest and it finished third. It fulfills a long-standing desire to build and fly a pure delta winged model. The model is sport scale to make it a little easier to build. It flys very well and has a great presence both in the air and on the ground. The prototype was launched off a re-purposed R/C combat catapult and a homemade bungee launcher.

It is a 3-channel model that uses elevons for pitch and roll control and a throttle. The model features a full-flow duct system for maximum efficiency. The bifuricated inlet ducts are constructed of balsa and 100# Bristol paper bought at an art supply house. The tailpipe is rolled from a thin plastic desk blotter protector obtained from a local stationary store.

The web site details the basic construction of the model with photos and detailed instructions. These are broken down into sections for the wings, fuselage and servos. The fuselage is built in three major steps. First the cockpit section is built. Next, the tail section is built, then the two are joined during the construction of the center section.

The cockpit is a hollow shell and carries no components. The tail section houses the fan unit/motor and elevon servos. The motor batteries, receiver pack and receiver ride in the center section between the bifuricated inlet ducts.

History of 58-0760
58-0760 rolled off the asssembly line in August, 1959 as the 117th F-106 produced by Convair. It bounced around and in July 1974 was assigned to the 159th FIS, 125th FIG, Jacksonville IAP FL (ANG). I chose the very colorful commemorative paint scheme that was applied to 58-0760 celebrate the United States bicentennial in 1976. Like all bicentennial paint schemes applied to various military aircraft, it was eventually returned to its standard drab grey paint before being shipped off to Tyndall AFB FL to become Sidewinder bait as a QF-106. On March 2, 1993, 58-08760 was un-ceremoniously shot down by an AIM-7 on its first (and probably, last) flight as a target drone.

Model Specifications
Length: 49-1/2"
Wing Span: 28"
Wing Area: 390 Sq. In.
Number of Channels: 3 (Elevons, Throttle)
Power Package: WeMoTec Minifan 480/Kyosho AP-29L hybrid
No. of Cells: 10 CP1300SCR (29-30 amps/~350 watts)
Approximate RTF Weight: 48 oz.
Approximate Wing Loading: 17 oz./sq. ft.