For Sale - BVM F-16 by Col. Robert E. Thacker, USAF (Retired)

For Sale
BVM F-16 by Col. Robert E. Thacker, USAF (Retired)

Contact: Dan Savage * 949-589-7120 *

Offered for sale is a BVM F-16 in Edwards AFB Chase plane paint scheme, newly built by Col. Robert E. Thacker, USAF (Retired).

The model is complete and ready to fly. Just gas and go!

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The model comes complete with a 8-channel Airtronics Stylus 72MHz radio system, a JetCat P60 turbine, and Jetcat ECU. It utilizes digital servos and is set up with the following channels: Flaperons, elevators, rudder/nose wheel steering, throttle, retracts, speed brakes/wheel brakes and a radio-actuated, opening canopy, a scale, functional, wet, external centerline fuel tank that holds 50-ounces of fuel and is completely plumbed and operational.

Here is a short video of the model's third test-flight and the first one with the centerline tank in place for flight. The model carried a half-tank of fuel in the centerline tank on the fourth flight and carried a full tank on the fifth. It handles the extra weight of the external fuel easily with no adverse effects on the performance or handling. The lower fuselage has been reinforced to handle the extra weight. (F-16 - 3rd test flight video 30Mb WMV/62Mb WMV Hint: Right-click, then Save-As)

Hard points have been added to the wings at the inboard stores location and the model includes two external teardrop fuel tanks. (Non-functional)

The wing-tip missile rails are set up to mount a pair of AIM Sidewinders, which are also included.

The canopy has been rigged to open and close under radio control. The model includes a full-depth scale cockpit and pilot.

Scale clamshell speed brakes have been incorporated into the model and are operated in tandem with the wheel brakes.

The model has been test-flown 6 times to ensure that it operates perfectly, but has not been flown beyond this.

Because of the size and the weight, the model cannot be shipped, but it can be delivered within a 100-mile radius of Southern California.

The asking price for this one-of-a-kind model is $6,000. (firm)

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